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EndNote Online (EndNote Web)

AKTNR 405-1337

With EndNote references are saved locally on your computer. By setting up sync between EndNote and EndNote Online (EndNote Web), you can access your references online. If you have EndNote installed on multiple computers, you can sync your EndNote library between the computers with EndNote Online.

Sync your EndNote library between different computers with EndNote Online

The movie clip "EndNote Sync: EndNote X7.1 and Later" shows in a good way how to get started with sync on multiple computers. Please check the movie clip before you do the following:

  1. Go to and create an EndNote Account
  2. Before you go ahead and set up the sync, create a backup copy of your EndNote library
  3. On Computer 1, open the EndNote library you want to sync and activate Sync by entering your EndNote Web/Online account details in the "Edit"> "Preferences"> "Sync". Start sync by clicking "EndNote Web sync"
  4. On Computer 2, open EndNote and create a new library. Enable syncing by entering your EndNote Web/Online account details in the "Edit"> "Preferences"> "Sync". Click on "EndNote Web Sync" to sync. If your library contained groups you will find these under "Unfiled Group". Drag them to "My Groups"

"Smart groups" and "group sets" are not synced. In order to deal with "smart groups" and "group sets", see this clip.
When you have enabled sync changes you make in your EndNote library on one computer are reflected on the other computer through your EndNote Web / Online account.

Keep in mind that only one library per computer can be used to sync.


EndNote on iPad

If you have EndNote for iPad, you can sync your EndNote library to your iPad with EndNote Online.


Using EndNote Online in a web browser

EndNote line can be used to sync your EndNote library between different computers. But it can also be used as a standalone application, that is, you can log on and add, delete or edit references. If you have set up sync in EndNote on your computer the changes are reflected next time you use EndNote on you computer.

Some functionalities differ between EndNote and EndNote Online on your computer (EndNote Desktop).


Groups in EndNote Online

EndNote Online allows you to share a group with other EndNote Online users under "Organize"> "Manage My Groups". You can choose to give permission to read and / or edit. Attachments will not be shared, it is only the references that are shared.

In EndNote Online Group sets are not visible. Because the groups are listed in alphabetical order, you are recommended to add a prefix to sort groups in alphabetical order corresponding to your Group sets.

Note that with EndNote Online you use "Remove From Group" to remove a reference from a group. If you use "Delete" the reference is removed from "All references", even if the group is selected when you press "Delete". This is different from EndNote desktop where it is only when you select "All References", and then press "Delete" key that a reference is completely removed from the library.


Adding references to your EndNote Online Library

As with EndNote desktop, you can add references to EndNote line in several ways:

  • "Collect"> "Online Search" can be used to search for example PubMed. If you know the PMID number of an article (which is listed next to each reference in PubMed), you can use it to search. The search result is shown under the heading "Online Search Results". Select the references you want and add to a group. They are then added to your library. A tip is to choose "Select Favorites" in "Collect"> "Online Search" and choose for example PubMed (NLM)
  • In Samsök and other EBSCO databases, you can export references to EndNote Online by clicking on the folder next to a reference in the hit list, click on Folder and select "Export"> "Direct Export to EndNote Web"
  • Another way to add references to your EndNote Online Library is via the bookmark "Capture Reference" located under Options> Download Installers. 
Online EndNote and Word

Under "Options"> "Download Installers" you can install the Word add-in Cite Wile You Write. To install the add-in you must have Administrator rights on the computer. Cite Wile You Write allows you to insert references from your EndNote Online library and create bibliographies in Word documents. If you have EndNote Desktop installed on your computer Cite Wile You Write plug-in is already installed for Word, so you do not download it.

Cite Wile You Write can thus be used to insert references from EndNote Desktop or a EndNote Online library. If you have EndNote Desktop on your computer, you are recommended to insert references from EndNote Desktop. If you use EndNote Online and lack a certain Output Style contact the library.

Editor: Tomas Kindenberg