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About e-books

AKTNR 395-3306

As an employee of Stockholm County Council you have access to over 1,000 e-books in medicine, nursing and rehabilitation.

E-books are available both in your workplace and on computers/tablets/mobile devices outside the County Council's network. To access e-books outside of the County Council's network, log in with your SLL-proxy.

Search for an eBook

All our e-books are searchable through our book catalogue. By every e-book entry in the catalogue you will find a link to the e-book. You can also search or browse all our e-books through our e-book list.

About our e-books

Libraries subscribe to e-books from various publishers/vendors. E-books from various publishers work in different ways and have different features and limitations:

AccessMedicine. Search about 100 medical books. Among others you'll find  Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, Quick Medical Diagnosis and Treatment and Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas.

ClinicalKey. About 1000 titles. Read online or create an Elsevier/ClinicalKey account to download a chapter as a PDF. Individual chapters can be downloaded for use on a specific occasion, but it is not allowed to download an entire book and save it offline.

EBSCO eBooks. A few titles, for example The Nuts And Bolts Of Cardiac Pacing. 1 concurrent user. Read online for 2 hours. Send to e-mail or print 30-60 pages as a PDF.

Springer. E-book package from 2009 (the titles are not updated when new editions are published). Over 300 titles. On Springer's page it's only possible to search the whole range of Springer's books, you cannot limit your search to our books. Download chapters or entire books as PDF without login.

Thieme Clinical Collection 2015 and 2016. About 100 titles. Click Login for licensed customers and select Content Licensed by my Institution>Books. Read online or download chapters as PDF. Title List for Thieme Clinical Collection 2015. Title List of Thieme Clinical Collection 2016. Search for a book title in the e-book list. Note that the 2016 list includes some upcoming titles that have not yet been published (October 2016).