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Contract for library service

AKTNR 398-1916

A number of health care providers in Stockholm has a contract for library service with one of the libraries at Danderyds sjukhus (Danderyd Hospital), Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset (Karolinska University Hospital) or Södersjukhuset. 

Contract for library service includes the possibility to participate in library courses in information searching, send search requests and book an appointment with a medical librarian for help with information searching. The contract includes support in reference management. Through SLL EZproxy the contract also gives access to the libraries' scientific electronic resources off site, and the possibility to order copies of scientific articles and borrow printed books.

If you want to know more about library contracts and investigate whether your unit can sign a contract, please contact one of the libraries.


Health care providers with a contract for library service

BB Stockholm, Danderyds sjukhus
Capio Geriatrik Dalens sjukhus
Capio S:t Göran
Ersta sjukhus/diakoni
Geriatrics (SLSO) including FoU nu
GHP Kirurgkliniken Stockholm
GHP Stockholm Gastro Center
Habilitering och hälsa (SLSO)
Norrtälje sjukhus/TioHundra
Primary care (SLSO) including the Centers
Psychiatry (SLSO) including Beroendecentrum
Regionalt cancercentrum
Södertälje sjukhus



Editor: Tomas Kindenberg